Welcome to Arcane

Arcane is still very much in development, meaning this GitBook serves as a Game Design Document more than a definitive guide. All changes will be reflected here as soon as they are deployed.

What do you seek, traveller?

Arcane is an experimental DeFi-RPG that has 3 primary goals:
  • Build a unique RPG adventure where your character explores the world, gains in power and see his trading capabilities increase with experience.
  • Push further the interoperability of the TreasureDAO ecosystem and help the project through $MAGIC locks & sinks.
  • Nurture a rewarding economy for Arcanes' players
Arcane is very passionate about on-chain gaming's potential to blur the lines between traditional video game design, story-telling and digital economies. Every decision taken in its development aims at creating a rewarding and consequential experience, while providing value to Yidrim's inhabitants. It's the start of an adventure, where together with the community we push the boundaries of on-chain experiences.
Explore the lands, quest inside abandoned castles, fish by the pond, craft dubious potions to be sold at the marketplace or upgrade your Home with a new Arcane Anvil.
Only a few left in Yidrim possess the extinct knowledge of magic. They are known as Wizards.
What do you seek, traveller?
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